Africa is a massive continent with so much to see. In the north the Nile and medditeranian cultures offer thousands of years of history to the visitor while in the central heartlands and southerh Africa there are jungles, deserts, mountains and fertile valleys. In all cases the wildlife is as famous as the people and their many diverse cultures.

Reviews of African tourist resorts and places of interest by country.



Egypt has meen drawing tourists since Roman times come and discover why. We have reviews and articles about Cairo, the pyramids, crusing on the nile, scuba diving on the coast and the delights of Aswan among many other spectacular opportunities.


Morocco is an intrigingly different place to visit. The famous square in Marakeech attracts allcomers, but there are hundreds of other wonderful things to see and do in this culturally rich and welcoming country.

South Africa

South Africa is a land of contrasts. Blessed with amazing wildlife, perfect beaches and a turbulent political past, the country feels vibrant and forward looking in attitudes these days. Come and see what the future of Africa looks like.



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