Gozo Review

The Island of Gozo is quaint enough in its own way, but there are a number of reasons why I cannot reccomend going there for a beach holiday.

(Review of the Cornucopia Hotel in Xaghara)

Firstly, the lack of beaches on gozo is a bit of a problem. It is bare rock all around the coast and not a single beach umbrella in sight.

The food was not of a great standard anywhere on the island that we could find. The atmosphere of the place was hermetically sealed in 1953. It really is a bit dull. The nightlife is nonexistant.

However there are positive aspects. Firstly archaeologists find the island absolutely fascinating, with some of the most ancient temples ever discovered lying very close to the town of Ggantija.

The capital Victoria (Rabat) is close to the geographic centre of the Island of Gozo, and all roads lead to Victoria. The Citadel is built on a hill over five hundred feet above sea level and has a commanding view of most of the island. It is believed that the citadel has been inhabited for almost 4000 years.

The diving at Xlendi combines a very easy shore entry with gin clear water. In fact scuba diving is one of the main reasons that people come to Gozo.

Colourful fishing boats are moored in the bay at Xlendi (prononced Shlendy). The cafe is a good spot to watch the world go by and see the old ladies making hand-made lace at the next table along.

The churches are the other main reason for visiting this island. Since the early eighteenth century the villages have been playing a game of oneupmanship with each other, building bigger and bigger churches across the island of Gozo. It has now got the the point that any church you find on the island could reasonably be described as a cathedral. The overall effect of these massive religious buildings erupting out of the landscape is ridiculous and majestic, confusing and awe inspiring all at once.

If you decide to visit gozo for a vacation you will not be getting a usual medditeranian holiday. If you prefer the unusual, then this island does have quite a bit to offer.

There are no flights directly to gozo. Instead you take a flight to Malta and then either a ferry or helicopter to Gozo itself. The drive to the ferry terminal on Malta is a bit of a wandering meander that can take a while.


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