Queen Mary, Long Beach, Los Angeles

queen maryThe Queen Mary is now a hotel and exhibition centre moored at Long Beach, California, and because Mark is originally from Southampton where the ship used to berth in England,we decided to stay the night on board.

During the 1930s the Queen Mary was the only civilized way to travel. A luxury liner of epic proportions where the rich and famous partied on voyages across the ocean.

Staying onboard is still lots of fun, and very elegant because much, if not all of the original Art Deco ocean liner's fittings are still in place. As a result the level of comfort was perhaps a little lower than the four and five star hotels close by, but none of them came close in terms of atmosphere.

We followed a friends advice and dressed in full 1930's style for dinner, as did many other guests. It turned into quite a party and the stewards said this is a regular occurrence.

The beds were comfortable but the rooms were low ceilinged and the soundproofing was a little below par.

However when we got home we recommended it to all our friends so I am happy to recommend it to you.

Janice Steel, London, 2006


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